The Best Birthday Party

October 2005, a year and a half into the business was my 56th birthday.  The sake bar started to click by then.  A new manager, Cano who replaced the first manager previous year successfully transformed the cafe into sake bar, Sean, a crazy but talented young chef from New Zealand took in charge of the kitchen and few bartenders Cano hired who happened to be all guys.  That year they got together and gave me a surprise party for my birthday. 

First, a pimped up limo arrived to pick me up in front of my apartment with three of our closest regulars, Jenny, Carrie and Kris.  Jenny came into my cafĂ© on the day we opened.   She used to buy coffee from us every day then moved onto buying booze every night, well almost once we switched to sake bar.  She was a very pretty single girl from California working in the service industry while trying to break into TV production field as she was finishing up her degree.  Carrie who moved into the apartment next door to the sake bar on the same year I opened became an instant regular.  I actually named food menu items after them.  On my original food menu, I used to offer Onigiri which is a rice ball wrapped in seaweed with typically a pickled plum inside but mine was smoked salmon and mozzarella instead.  Jenny, being vegetarian, wanted mozzarella with avocado.  Done and named Jenniegiri.  Carrie wanted avocado, smoked salmon and mozzarella.  Done and named Carriegiri.  They are still on our food menu and are pretty popular to this day.  Kris who looked like Jude Law was a friend of Carrie and her boyfriend from St. Louis living next door to our bar.  Kris eventually moved out to Brooklyn and Carrie and her boyfriend took over his apartment.  Anyway, Kris hired this gaudy limo that had a loud interior came with varieties of booze flowing freely and a very accommodating driver with plenty of "medicinal herb".  Although I cannot handle the herb myself, shall I say it did not go to waste.  The limo finally arrived to the sake bar.  Holy cow!  There were tons of people waiting for our arrival and congratulated me for living this long.  Everyone was already well lubricated by then and ready to party.  We started dancing on the bar counter with music blasting.  

Around 10pm during the height of the party, a cop showed up asking for the owner of the joint.  Ugh!  Another noise complaint, I thought.  I sobered up real fast and went to greet him.   As I was introducing myself,  he hoisted me up and sat me on top of the bar counter.  Then he proceeded to separate my legs like a pair of chopstick as he ripped his uniforms off and started to grind in between my legs with only a tiny G-string on him.  He turned out to be a male stripper the guys chipped in to hire for my birthday.  How sweet is that!  But honestly, I was mortified being on a spotlight with a male stripper but I felt like I needed to put on a show since everyone was watching me, especially my guys.  Watching their face reminded me of the time my cat brought a dead mouse to me as a gift with eagerness.  So I loosened my body and gestured the stripper person to come at me.  With my acknowledgement, he was ready to have a live sex show with me in front of everybody.  Gaaa!  I had to fend off very quickly and narrowly escaped his onslaught.  I guess I bit off more than I could chew. 

Everyone had a splendid time including the stripper person stayed for a long time enjoying the attention from the girls who were admiring his body.  The party finally petered off with serving of the beautiful cake baked and decorated with Satsko logo on top by Sean with love. 

It was THE BEST birthday party ever!  But no more stripper for me, thank you very much.

Amy Watanabe