Bianca Caampued is a cofounder (along with Mallory Blair) of Small Girls PR, and she rocks out at Bianca Rocks Out. This is her take on four places she likes, and one place she doesn't.


Sake Bar Satsko - "When anyone asks me what my favorite place in NYC is, I respond with Sake Bar Satsko within a blink of an eye. It's a small sake bar in the East Village on 7th Street between B & C. I think I relate to it because I too am small and cozy. The vibes are chill, but can also turn into a late-night dance party. You'd be surprised at the ways you'll find yourself moving in such a small space to get the party going. All the bartenders there are AMAZING, and because they're all incredible musicians, the bar has become one of those NYC 'must stop by' spots for bands on tour. You'll find the owner and the bar's namesake, Satsko, in the kitchen making the food herself, chatting it up with the regulars ... being my NYC mom (she's not really my mom, but she is the best). So many people frequent the place that there's been a very intense battle for mayorship on Foursquare. I'm there almost every night and am nowhere near stealing that title ... *sigh*. I guess you could say Satsko is like my Cheers, and if I'm ever having a terrible night all I have to do is stop by to make everything all better."